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Students find solution to random parking of Mobikes

    Three middle school students in Shanghai offered a solution to bike-sharing companies to solve the problem of random parking of their bikes.

    Yang Xiaofu, Zhou Yiran and Yu Feichi of the No. 2 High School affiliated to Fudan University did a survey and found 91.71 percent of respondents said their new method can stop chaotic bike parking.

    The method works like this: when the Mobike GPS system finds a bike is parked in the wrong place and a text message will be sent automatically to the bike user to remind him to park it in a designated spot if moving the bike is free within ten minutes after first parking.

    The students said each user can have five chances to correct their parking mistakes. After that, their misconduct will be recorded in the public credit information system.

    They also suggested that street cleaners should be given cash incentives if they help move rental bikes to designated spots.

    Their innovation project has won the first prize in a city-level junior innovation contest and has been selected for the national contest.

    Mobike executives said they will conduct their own survey based on the students' idea and introduce new measures afterwards.