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Zhangjiang High-tech Park opens workstation in Silicon Valley

    Zhangjiang High-tech Park Administration launched a workstation for overseas professionals in the Silicon Valley of the United States on Tuesday.

    Located in the building of Huahong International (US) Co Ltd, the workstation aims to attract high-end talent and investment to Zhangjiang High-tech Park in Pudong.

    The workstation gives priority to professionals in IT, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, aerospace, low-carbon technology, environmental protection, and creative industries, park officials said.

    The park administration will also open a workstation in Israel in mid-June and two more in Boston and Finland in the near future.

    The officials said China has upgraded its "Green Card" which is embedded with a chip like that with the Resident Identity Card. Foreigners with a "Green Card" can enjoy financial, education, medical, taxation, social insurance, property registration and legal services in China without other documents.