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Wudang Mountain comes to Shanghai for a week

    Wudang kung fu performances, Taoism music and temple celebrations are featured at the Shanghai-held intangible cultural heritage week of Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province.

    The event was launched at Shanghai Great World in Huangpu District yesterday. It is the first intangible cultural heritage program displayed at Shanghai Great World, also known as Dashijie, since its reopening in March, and the operator said similar intangible cultural heritage displays from across China will be held monthly to showcase the cultures and customs of different regions.

    Wudang Mountain intangible cultural heritage week runs till Monday.

    As the cradle of the Taoist culture, Wudang Mountain was placed on the List of World Cultural Heritages in 1994.

    Wudang Mountain, home of Wudang kung fu, is one of the most renowned Daoist holy mountains in China. During the week, Wudang kung fu, which includes qigong and sword demonstrations, will be performed daily.

    Wudang Taoism music performances will be staged by a 35-strong troupe at Dashijie daily and visitors are also able to experience traditional temple ceremonies.

    During the week, visitors are able to win free tickets to scenic spots at Wudang Mountain and free accommodation, and experience Wudang Taoism tea.

    Wudang Mountain is also a well-known summer resort.