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Job confidence weakens

    WHITE-COLLAR workers in Shanghai are less confident in their careers than they were in the first half of the year, recruitment portal said yesterday.

    Its job confidence index declined to 3 from 3.94 earlier in the year, according to a survey.

    That compared with 2.99 for the whole country, according to the survey, which questioned 24,390 respondents, 1,539 of whom are from Shanghai.

    Shanghai ranked 18th in job confidence among the 37 cities the survey covered.

    Low salaries, uncertain outlook of employers and limited promotional opportunities were cited as the three biggest concerns.

    An index measuring white-collar workers' sense of belonging was 3.27, ranking Shanghai at 32nd.

    High living costs and difficulties buying a house are the top reasons for a weak sense of belonging.

    But high-quality medical services and abundant job opportunities are among the attractions of Shanghai.

    Nationwide, Dongguan, Hangzhou and Suzhou are cities with the strongest sense of belonging at work.