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Hot start, then rain, but not yet autumn

    A weak cold front will sweep across the city during the seven-day National Day holiday, bringing with it the likelihood of intermittent showers, forecasters said.

    Sunday, the first day of the holiday will be hot, with the temperature hitting 29 degrees Celsius. Residents may feel uncomfortable because of the high humidity.

    For the first half of the holiday, there is a high chance of rain. Residents and visitors are advised to have arrange outings during the second half of holiday.

    Today’s low temperature may drop below 20 degrees. And tomorrow, more rain is set to hit the city.

    According to the Shanghai Meterological Bureau, Shanghai is unlikely to enter autumn during the holiday.

    It requires five consecutive days with an average temperature below 22 degrees before autumn can officially start.

    Residents planning a trip to northern China are warned to be braced for chilly weather.

    Temperature in northeast China has dropped to 5 degrees and it hit zero in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia Region.

    In contrast, southern China is seeing some blistering hot temperatures.