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Seven-passenger taxis finally arrive in Shanghai

    Qiangsheng taxi company has launched a fleet of 100 seven-passenger taxis in Shanghai, the first time the city has had minivan taxis.

    The yellow minivans, produced by Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Co Ltd, have a flag-fall price of 19 yuan (US$2.85), 5 yuan more than that of ordinary taxis.

    "The minivans meet the demands of large families with children and seniors who can now travel together in one taxi," Tang Jian, a manager with Qiangsheng told China National Radio on September 29.

    The new, larger taxis will also benefit those suffering from certain disabilities, as wheelchairs can be easily rolled inside after the back row of seats is folded up.

    Four digital recorders were installed in the minivans for security purposes, with two recording the inner space of the taxi and the other two shooting the street view.

    Residents can hail them on the street or book them by calling the companys hotline on 6258 0000.

    Meanwhile, the company also added another 850 new Volkswagan Touran taxis to expand its high-end taxi fleet.