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Taking-away-your-own-garbage campaign successful at ATP tour

    Shanghai Ecological and Culture Association and the hosts of the Association of Tennis Professionals co-launched a campaign urging audience to take away their garbage at this year's ATP tour in Shanghai.

    Different containers for bottles, dry and wet garbage were installed at different places at the venue. Meanwhile, environmental protection publicity films were repeatedly played in a booth where audience could also register on Wechat to draw for prizes and using environmental protection points to exchange for beverages.
    The benches for the audience in the resting areas were all made of recycled milk containers, and garbage recycling information constantly flashed up on a huge LED screen.

    Zhang Weizhong, an official with Tennis Center in Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City, where the event was held, said the workload of their cleaning staff has been cut by half, reducing the daily recyclable garbage collected to one ton. The campaign worked out quite well.

    Li Xia, director of Shanghai Huizhong Public Welfare and Green Development Promotion Center, revealed that the percentage of the audience who collected their own garbage reached 66 percent. By October 12, the game had hosted 40,000 spectators, while 5.37 tons of bottles and cans, 26.2 tons of kitchen waste, and 81.35 tons of dry garbage had been collected.

    Qi Yumei, an official with Shanghai Greenery and Sanitation Administration Bureau, said it's the first campaign Shanghai staged to raise the public's awareness in a major sports event. The experience will be used to introduce a garbage management guideline for future major sports events.