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Chinese competitors contest at World Skill Competition

    The 44th World Skill Competition is underway in Abu Dhabi. Six Shanghai competitors of the 52 Chinese ones are competing in the fields of car repairing, logistics, print media, web design and developing, flower arrangement, floral design and Western cuisine and service.

    Known as "skills Olympics," the competitors for most events are required to be under the age of 22 and they could only attend the event once. In such a throat-cutting competition, only the most competent and versatile competitors could survive.

    According to Zhou Jian, a training specialist from China¡¯s training base for the competition, the competitor for Web design need not only master graphic processing, sophisticated programming skill, data base design and project management, but also be creative and artistic in the web designing to beat the other 35 competing international teams.

    China¡¯s debut in the floral design competition was only to be met with rule changes, said Cao Feng, a training specialist from Shanghai School of Landscape Architecture. Competitors would know the rules before the competition in previous years, but this year the rules were only disclosed minutes before the competition.

    Zhou said the World Skill Competition would affect Shanghai‘s vocational education system, for it sets a highest global working skill standard that prompts the city to review and change its educational system accordingly.