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Water theme for Pudong amenity

    Construction of Luchaogang Park in the Pudong New Area has begun and it will cover over 90,000 square meters when it opens by the end of next year.

    The park, which lies to the west of Laomiaogang River and north of Jiangshan Road, will become the most important area of public activity and ecological space in Luchaogang area, authorities said.

    Surrounded by water on three sides, it will comprise eight areas including a garden corridor, a lake strolling area, outdoor sports, cherry blossom waterfront, a wetland flower valley and a children’s playground.

    The park will highlight outdoor activity and “wild fun,” and it will provide an outdoor sports and physical exercise venue suitable for people of different age groups, officials said.

    The park is expected to become a new public activity landmark for urban dwellers to enjoy fun and a healthy lifestyle, authorities added.

    The current river courses and aquatic plant corridors on the periphery of the park will be restored and will form an ecological network.

    It is part of nine “livelihood projects” under way in Luchaogang community. Among them are a cultural education center, a kindergarten, a primary school and a street upgrading that will include Ganghui, Lumao, Lushuo and Jiangshan roads.