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Jinshan farmers hire robots to help work in the fields
    Traditional agricultural district Jinshan is becoming technologically-minded by employing robots to work in the fields.  
    Wang Jinyue, owner of an orchard in Tinglin Town, is among those who made the changes. In 2015, he delved into smart agricultural robot development with his friends after leaving his previous job in the city. 
    Now he has robots weeding, watering and fertilizing with a much higher efficiency and precision and all these he does with remote control through apps on the cell phone. The app can also monitor and record data for the work process. 
    Wang's app has attracted investors and brought in 5 million yuan (US$756,000) of orders. 
    Different technologies have helped change mushroom rowing seasons and boost production by adjusting temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in the greenhouses.
    "We reaped mushrooms once a year in the past, but now we harvest three times a month," said Chen Lingen, a worker at the mushroom co-operative. 
    E-commerce as well has been introduced to deliver Jinshan produce to more markets.