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City reaps its first gold medals at world skills competition
    Shanghai competitors Pan Shenhan and Yang Shanwei bagged gold medals for floristry and autobody repair at the 44th WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi, which closed on Thursday.
    They are the first gold medals the city has ever reaped at the competition.
    Altogether, six Shanghai participants entered the competition, which had a total of 52 events. Apart from the two gold medal winners, Yang Huifang competed in print media technology, Chen Yifan in restaurant service, Kong Yuanyuan in web design and development, and Zhou Siyu in freight forwarding. All of them had demonstrated their skills and dedication.
    WorldSkills Competition is the world's largest skills competition with very high standards. Shanghai's gold medal breakthrough at the event has largely been attributed to the city's efforts in recent years to enhance cooperation between schools and enterprises in training skilled workers and professionals.
    Meanwhile, special curricula have been introduced in the city to emphasize market-orientated programs and training of practical skills.