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Back to nature for key talk on Chongming Island

    Chongming Island hosted a high powered meeting on nature yesterday.

    About 20 experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered to share experiences and expertise on bringing nature into cities, sustainable development and the development of Chongming as an international eco-island.

    The conference was one of nine themed events during the Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival.

    Shanghai should increase the diversity of plants to lift the ecological value of greenery, said Wang Tianhou, director of Ecology Research Program of East China Normal University.

    Aphiya Hathayatham, from Thailand, talked of spurring the public’s interest in nature conservation. “We should think about how to make the public particularly the younger generation get involved and make them feel it is their responsibility to protect nature.”

    Stephen Lougheed, a professor of biology and environmental studies, highlighted the role of neighborhoods in Shanghai in nature conservation.

    Shanghai International Nature Conservation Festival raised its curtain at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum on Saturday.

    At the launching ceremony, Chinese dancer Huang Doudou was appointed as the image ambassador of this year’s festival.

    He called on the public to join hands to protect “beautiful nature.”

    “We need botanic gardens to take a lead in establishing consortia to systematically conserve and manage exceptional species in their living collections such as magnolia, camellia and orchids,” said Paul Smith, secretary general of Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

    A variety of events including lectures, films, a photo exhibition, water environment protection activities and a walking tour are held during the festival that runs till Friday.

    The festival is in its third year.