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Traffic restrictions in place for Sunday's 10km race

    Shanghai International Elite 10K Race will take place on Sunday — the second year the race will have been held — and police said streets in the vicinity of Changfeng Park will be temporarily closed to traffic.

    From midnight Saturday to 8:30am, all vehicles will be banned from using Guangfu Road W. between Daduhe Road and Danba Road, and from Danba Road between Guangfu Road W. and Tongpu Road.

    From 7am to 9:30am, parts of Daduhe Road, Yunling Road E., Tongpu Road, Luding Road and Zhongjiang Road will also be closed to traffic.

    Elsewhere along the route of the race, vehicles will be temporarily restricted while runners are passing.

    Some buses that normally operate in the area where the race is being held will be suspended or rerouted, police said yesterday.

    The race, which has been introduced by organizers of the Shanghai International Marathon, is the largest 10-kilometer race held in urban districts of Shanghai.

    This year the number of participants rose from 5,000 to 6,000. There are 5,400 registered to run in the 10km race and 600 are scheduled to take part in the 2km family run.