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Ex-clinic contractor put on drugs blacklist

     female clinic contractor, who was sentenced to six months in jail with a one-year reprieve for selling unlicensed drugs, has been put on a blacklist of local food and drug producers who have “severely broken” the law and require supervision.

    The announcement was made by the city’s food and drug administration yesterday.

    Lu Xiaoying is not allowed to engage in any business related to drug manufacturing and dealing for 10 years after she finishes her sentence, the administration said.

    Meanwhile, her application to be an licensed pharmacist will “never be accepted” by the food and drug watchdog and she cannot work as a chief person or a quality inspector in pharmaceutical companies.

    According to the administration, the clinic Lu contracted was found selling a unlicensed injection drug “Lignospanstandard” by Huangpu District’s market supervision bureau in a raid on August 26, 2015.

    The drug hadn’t been registered as an imported medicine and there was with no Chinese label on the packaging.

    Lu was sentenced by Huangpu District People’s Court on April 27, 2016. She was also fined 10,000 yuan (US$1,507) and the 108 Lignospanstandard drugs were confiscated by the court.

    The market watchdog issued Lu its administrative punishment on June 29 this year.

    Shanghai has continued releasing and updating its food and drug blacklist since 2013.

    This year more than 20 individuals have been put on the blacklist.