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Online job scam 'rakes in 100,000 yuan'

    A gang of eight accused of impersonating employers to cheat job seekers out of more than 100,000 yuan (US$15,075) have been arrested for fraud.

    The alleged ringleader, surnamed Zhang, claimed to be a hotel operator and posted fake recruitment advertisements on the Internet, according to Putuo District prosecutors.

    They said he promised a hefty income, which attracted and trapped 17 job seekers over April and May 2016.

    Every one of them “passed” the so-called interview, but none of them suspected they were being set up. After being “recruited,” they were told to hand over a deposit fund and money to bribe managers to hire them. Once they did so, the gang cut off all contact, prosecutors added. They said one of the gang, surnamed Li, was a former victim.