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Residents doing more sporting activities

    A total of 44.2 percent of Shanghai residents “often” took part in sports activities in 2016, a 1.4 percent rise from 2015, Shanghai Sports Bureau said in a report yesterday.

    By “taking part,” the survey means doing exercises of at least medium intensity three or more times a week and for at least 30 minutes each time.

    This annual report on Shanghai residents’ sports participation was based on a survey of 1,590 correspondents earlier this year.

    Furthermore, 88.6 percent of the correspondents said they paid to do sports activities in 2016 and half of them spent more than 1,500 yuan (US$225) doing so. In 2015, the corresponding figures were 71.5 percent and 467 yuan.

    The correspondents on average spent 1,106.6 yuan on sportswear, 692.6 yuan on sports equipment, 539.8 yuan on training sessions, 529.8 yuan on tickets to sports facilities and 310.1 yuan on tickets to sports games and other expenses when attending the games, according to the report.

    The most popular sports activities for residents are running, cycling, badminton, swimming, basketball, body-building, hiking and table tennis.

    Shanghai added 1,620,113 square meters more space to its sports facilities last year, the report said.