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Songjiang school turns classroom into a mini aquarium

    Songjiangs Lida Middle School has transformed a classroom into a mini aquarium to attract students into observing aquatic life.

    The aquarium was built by Wu Feng, who teaches Chinese at the school. Wu liked fish and kept some tropical ones in the office, which ignited students interests.

    So, Wu started a club, but then members grew fast and he had to apply for a classroom to keep the fish and for club activity.

    Last year, his aquarium was updated to an aquatic life laboratory. Now it houses more than 300 fish in 40 varieties.

    Students are assigned by turns to feed the fish, clean the tanks and make records on the fishs growing condition.

    Gao Xin, a first-grade in junior high, said that the work has made her a person with more sense of responsibility.

    Courses have been developed for the students independent learning as well as group work. They observe and write reports.

    Apart from these, three junior high students instructed by Wu also won an award in the districts youth science and technology innovation contest with their survey on freshwater tropical fish distribution.

    The school has been quite supportive for students exploration projects. In its THAS (Science, Humanities, Arts and Sports) Courses Experimental Center, the school also has labs on AI robots, ceramics and language art to help broaden students vision.