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Culture facilities take center stage

    Community libraries under construction, plays staged at grand theater as well as traditional operas performed during temple fairs are part of Jiadings plan to enhance its soft power.

    In line with the blueprint, more culture facilities are anticipated, culture brands created and the supply side will be optimized and accessible to every local community.

    Jiading has a tradition of advocating culture and education. The district has made remarkable achievements in the construction of cultural facilities in recent years amid the rise of its economic strength and the shift of its role from a centuries old county to a brand new modern town.

    By the end of June, the total area of culture facilities in the district had reached 561,500 square meters, or 0.36 square meters per person.

    Recently opened cultural landmarks include the Jiading Library, the Han Tianheng Art Museum and the Shanghai Poly Grand Theater.

    The Haishang Cultural Museum Complex is set to be built this year. And the construction of other projects, such as an art museum complex, also makes steady progress.

    Last month, the Shanghai Poly Grand Theater celebrated its third anniversary. More than 200 troupes as well as over 17,000 performers have staged at the theater in the past three years which attracted 600,000 audiences.

    Across the district, hundreds of neighborhood libraries as well as reading rooms have opened in enterprises or at street corners enabling people in Jiading instant access to cultural resources.

    Meanwhile, people in Jiading enjoy the benefits of Culture Jiading Cloud, an Internet-based platform for Jiadings public cultural services. It has more than 100,000 registered users and has offered nearly 200,000 tickets for online booking.