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Art exhibition marks the Party's 96th anniversary

    To celebrate the successful convening of the 19th CPC National Congress, a painting exhibition "From Shikumen to Tiananmen" was unveiled at China Art Museum on Saturday.

    The 96 artworks at the exhibition symbolize the 96th anniversary of the establishment of the CPC, proposed by one of the organizers Li Xiangyang, and they also reflect the achievements and evolvement of Chinas arts. The exhibits include Chinese traditional paintings, oil paintings, woodcuts and some modern interactive installations.

    The recurring theme of "gate" is reinforced throughout the exhibition, such as Shikumen, Yaodongmen, Tiananmen, and Fuxingmen, all reflecting the CPCs history.

    The 96 artworks were created by artists of all ages, such as the older generation artists Lin Fengmian, Liu Haisu, and Wu Hufan; and young artists such as Cai Guangbin, Mao Donghua, and Xu Jiaojian.

    The content of the artworks ranges from the war themes in 1940s to todays sharing bike interactive installation.

    Dong Yunhu, minister of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, Weng Zuliang, Party secretary of Pudong New Area, and Weng Tiehui, Shanghai vice mayor, attended the exhibitions opening ceremony.