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Fengxian launches China's first 'catapult center'
    China's first "catapult center" kicked off in Fengxian on October 19, which will be dedicated to the public health and artificial intelligence development, involving top-class academicians and professionals from the country's Thousand Talents Program. 
    The idea of catapult center was introduced from Britain, which refers to a technology innovation center that boosts the industrialization of technology outcomes and incubate enterprises. 
    Qiyu Catapult Center in Fengxian will be run by Nuohu Technology Co Ltd under Yike Group and is set to become a national level science and innovation incubation base. 
    "The catapult center has a higher standard, better operation and a broader international view, compared to traditional incubators," said Han Lifeng, CEO of Nuohu.
    At the launching ceremony, companies such as Zhengbang Group, Aigo Group and Zijing Technology had expressed their intention to introduce six projects into the center.