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A storm in a tea cup brews in Fengxian
    The market watchdog in Fengxian District is investigating four fake Heytea shops in Nanqiao Town.
    They were found to have used similar logos or advertisement figures of the popular milk tea chain, the Fengxian Market Supervision and Management Bureau said.
    At a fake shop on Renmin Road S., the only difference of figures on milk tea cups lay in the color of hair and clothing, officials found.
    The popular milk tea chain has six shops in Shanghai and none of them are in Fengxian.
    Violators of copyright infringement can face a fine of up to 250,000 yuan (US$38,460) if their illegal business turnover is less than 50,000 yuan.
    If it is over 50,000 yuan, they will be fined up to five times of the turnover.
    The milk tea chain became a hit in Shanghai after opening its first shop in People’s Square area in March, with people queuing for hours to sample the product.