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Residents turn rubbish into artworks
    Residents in Jiading neighborhoods are taking action to turn rubbish stacked in stairways, open spaces or green belts into artistic installations or useful daily commodities.
    At the Baiyin Community in Jiading New City, residents removed tables, chairs, potted plants and home appliances in corridors or stairways in the past month. They also found discarded items among the bushes in green belts.
    Insects, worms, cockroaches and rats have been found among the rubbish, and they are also flammable and difficult to get rid of completely. Through the joint efforts of residents, property management and neighborhood committee, the rubbish has been removed altogether.
    Residents used shoe boxes and drink bottles to make storage boxes, pen containers and even Chinese chess sets. And these handicrafts have been put in stairways to decorate the buildings and make the environment more creative and lively.
    At the Xin'an neighborhood in Anting Town, residents have been painting cartoons and famous paintings on manhole covers. Jiang Chao, who moved to the neighborhood about a year ago, has contributed his own art recreation of Superman, Pokonyan and Starry Night.