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More doctors leave public hospitals to work in private clinics
    Health reforms and rising public trust in private facilities are encouraging more doctors to leave large medical facilities and open their own clinics.
    The SinoUnited Health Clinic, managed and operated by doctors from home and abroad, is opening another branch in Huangpu District after its first was launched successfully in Shanghai Center last year.
    Dr Shi Haoying, founder of SinoUnited, says that private clinics often offer a better quality overall.
    "Investigations in the West found that the quality of clinics and hospitals run by doctors is 25 percent higher than those run by people who are not doctors," she said. "Many Chinese doctors working here are those who have worked in big state-owned hospitals before."
    Doctors leaving state-owned hospitals to join private facility or set up their own facilities or doctor’s groups has become more and more popular in recent years.
    Vascular specialist Dr Zhang Qiang left state-owned Shanghai East Hospital and established the nation’s first doctor’s group. He said his reasons for leaving his previous position include better pay, higher patient care and deeper professional pride. 
    SinoUnited’s Zhu Qi, who left state-owned Ruijin Hospital after working there for over 20 years, backed Zhang's opnion and said joining SinoUnited is to chase the dream of being a great doctor in China.