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Two gas stations begin to sell biodiesel made from used cooking oil
    Two SINOPEC gas stations, one in Fengxian District and the other in Pudong New Area, have started to sell B5 biodiesel, made from waste cooking oil. 
    Used cooking oil goes through multiple-level recycling procedures, such as impurity removing, chemical reaction, distillation and strict examinations to be refined into usable fuel. 
    The product now available in the stations is a mixture of five percent of biodiesel and 95 percent of petrodiesel. 
    It has been marked with a label of "biodiesel" at the gas stations and this is made clear on the invoice, too. Customers will be asked first if they would accept this new fuel. 
    It now offers a discounted price of 5.72 yuan (US$0.86) per liter, compared to the normal price of 6.02 yuan for common diesel. 
    Lou Diming, professor at Tongji University, said that the biodiesel works the same like the conventional one and it has passed repetitive tests in lab before put on the market. 
    Shanghai's first biodiesel-driven bus, Route 70, hit the road in September, 2013. Today, there are 104 such buses running around the city and they have consumed 460,000 liters of biodiesel covering a total distance of 83,100 kilometers. 
    The trial process has proved that the biodiesel is as good as the petrodiesel in terms of efficiency and even shows slightly better emissions in terms of carbon monoxide, ultrafine particles and others.