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Here's the tricks to expect for Singles Day
    The city’s consumer rights protection commission yesterday warned online shoppers to be vigilant over various promotion tricks ahead of the Singles Day shopping spree.
    Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission received 33,486 complaints related with online shopping in the first half of this year, up 41 percent from the same period last year and accounting for 45 percent of the total number of complaints during the period.
    Most of the complaints were about being unable to redeem promotions, random cancellation of orders by businesses, and after-sales disputes, said Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary-general of the commission.
    Ahead of this year’s Singles Day shopping spree on November 11, many online shopping sites are using various promotions such as discounts and red envelopes to lure consumers, and shoppers should be careful, Tang said.
    Some red envelopes said to contain a 1,000 yuan (US$154) discount are empty or require shoppers to share advertisements to WeChat groups before they can receive it — and then the discount isn’t issued, the commission said.
    In addition, so-called discounted prices are sometimes no lower than the normal price, the commission warned.
    Meanwhile, many online businesses invite consumers to pay a deposit in advance to enjoy discounts on Singles Day, but the deposit isn’t returned, Tang said.
    Online shoppers are advised to keep evidence, such as pictures of promotion activities, the chatting record with businesses and shopping records in case of disputes.
    Singles Day offers the biggest discounts of the year on online shopping sites such as Taobao and Tmall.