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Jinshan names more 'little tech giants'
    Six Jinshan enterprises, including Liyang Road Reinforcement Technology and Different Chemical Fiber, have been added to the 2017 “Fledging Tech-Giants” list.
    It requires a company to have a number of intellectual property rights, a high market share and good brand value to be named as a “little giant.” 
    For instance, Liyang Road Reinforcement has created a least invasive method to repair roads. By digging only a 5cm hole, it's able to fill a new material into the road and complete the repair work within three hours, saving up to 60 to 80 percent of the regular cost.
    The technology is also raking in 54 million yuan (US$8.2 million) annually for the company, said its vice general manager Ji Xiaoli. 
    The little giants usually target the niche markets to win their ground. For example, High Victory Fine Chemical is able to cut down the hazards in farm chemicals to an extremely low degree that its product has been now granted the permission to sell in Europe.
    Jinshan now has 73 little giant enterprises, which are driving up local economic growth and transformation.