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Delivery project eases elderly's mealtime worries
    Senior residents in the Nanxiang Town now get their meals delivered, as the local government steps up its efforts to solve their longstanding dining issue. 
    The project has set up 14 dining spots in 12 communities in the town, benefiting over 300 old people who live alone or depend on government subsidies.
    Each day lunches will be sent to these dining spots, where the meals will cost 8 yuan (US$1.2) at most. For those who find it difficult to leave their homes, volunteers will take the meals to them. 
    While young people only need press a few buttons to order online, dining can pose a serious problem for old people who know nothing about the Internet or have mobility problems. 
    Zhang Juandi, 81, is among those enjoying the new community service. Walking to the market is difficult for her, as is cooking. Her daughter and son-in-law are with her at weekends but during the week she will just eat whatever is left.
    Now her problem has been solved. "It is not far to go to the dining spot and the dishes they provide are fresh and delicious," she said. 
    "We are still adapting," said Jiang Huaiyu, a community official. "What we do now is not enough to meet all the needs, but we are looking into it to try to find the best way to serve the old people." 
    Each meal is nutritionally balanced and the menu changes from week to week. The ingredients are also traceable to ensure the food safety. 
    The project in Nanxiang is seen as an example of how to improve services for the elderly as the population expands. The district now has around 18,000 people of senior age and services are far from sufficient. 
    "We will collect experience from the existing spots, guarantee current quality and gradually expand the range we can serve. But more importantly, we will focus on our work at hand now," Jiang said. 
    Communities are considering introducing standards for food preparation and delivering process to guarantee service levels.