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UNESCO to set up teaching center here

    UNESCO has approved a teacher education center to be set up in Shanghai.

    The United Nations agency did so on Saturday during its 39th general conference session in Paris.

    “Shanghai is dedicated in building itself into a global city of excellence,” said Zhang Minxuan, director of the preparatory group for the teacher center in Shanghai. The center will be capable of hosting resident UN offices, participating in global governance, promoting the agency’s international influence and improving its cultural soft power.

    Zhang said there was a critical shortage of teachers, especially high-quality teachers, with 8 million needed.

    UNESCO’s Education 2030 Framework of Action aims at substantially increasing the supply of qualified teachers for developing countries, especially the least developed countries and small island developing states, via international cooperation by 2030.

    Zhang said the decision to set up a teacher education center in Shanghai was made as China, the largest developing country in the world, had been actively answering the call of the Education 2030 Framework of Action and Shanghai had been noted for its outstanding performance in many international educational assessments.

    “Shanghai’s teacher promotion system, professional development requirements and incentive mechanism have attracted worldwide attention,” said Zhang.

    With the establishment of the center, Shanghai will serve as a platform for knowledge production and innovation for teachers all over the world and provide suggestions for new programs.

    UNESCO will also provide professional support for the new Shanghai center.