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Partnership projects to advance the beauty and health industry in Fengxian

    The Oriental Beauty Valley Group Co Ltd held an industry resources matchmaking meeting recently, and signed four strategic partnership projects to better serve companies in Fengxian District and advance the beauty and health industry.

    The projects involve Jiaxing Xiuzhou Hi-Tech Park Development Zone, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Advanced Industries Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Fengcheng Town government, and Shanghai Baicun Industrial Co Ltd.

    Shanghai Jiao Tong AITRI will provide technology support to deepen the cooperation between universities and employers by using its research and human recourses.

    The Oriental Beauty Valley will have more mutual visits of leaders with Jiaxing Xiuzhou Hi-Tech Park, and cooperate in the fields such as the park management, development modes, industrial planning, and attracting investments.

    Zhu Decai, chairman of the Oriental Beauty Valley, said the matchmaking meeting will pool more recourses in the Oriental Beauty Valley, thus benefiting more middle- and small-sized businesses in the district.