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Shipbuilder wins award for vessel

    Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co received a special award yesterday at the 19th China International Industry Fair for developing the world’s largest heavy lift vessel — an example of China’s progress in advanced ocean engineering technologies.

    The company spent nearly eight years to develop the ship, which can carry up to 12,000 tons — equivalent to the total weight of around 70 Boeing 747-200 airplanes. The vessel weighs 44,000 tons and is nearly 300 meters long and has a deck as large as two-and-half football fields.

    “The ship showcases China’s latest heavy-lift technology for offshore engineering,” said Yao Hai, engineer at Zhenhua who is involved in the ship’s design.

    The ship’s single mechanical arm can lift 12,000 tons, while competitor Italy-based Saipem only managed to lift 7,200 tons with one arm, Yao told Shanghai Daily.