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Runners beware — Sunday will be cold

    Runners taking part in Sunday’s 2017 Shanghai International Marathon are warned to be braced for a cold morning.

    Shanghai is set to be hit by a cold front from the north this afternoon, which will lower the night temperature down to 13 degrees Celsius.

    Southern parts of the city may be wet, forecasters said.

    Also today, the city will encounter short-term light to moderate air pollution due to poor diffusion conditions. But pollutants will be blown away by the cold front later on, and air quality is forecast to return to a good level tomorrow, said environmental officials.

    Temperatures tomorrow will drop, fluctuating from 13 to 16 degrees.

    Sunday morning temperatures may fall to 11 degrees but around noon, the mercury will climb to 18 degrees.

    Intermittent drizzle is forecast for early next week. And another cold front is set to hit Shanghai around Tuesday.