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Captain of fatal flight has license revoked

    The captain of the seaplane that crashed in Jinshan District in July last year, which killed five people, has had his aviation license revoked for half a year by the civil aviation regulator.

    Captain Zhang Fuquan, who sustained severe injuries in the incident, failed to obey instructions when he flew the seaplane for Joy General Aviation on July 20, last year, said the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

    The Cessna 208B seaplane, which was operating a charter flight from Jinshan City Beach to Zhoushan Archipelago, had deviated 395 meters from the start of the No. 22 runway, where Zhang was instructed to take off from, said the regulator.

    Zhang began accelerating from the deviated position and tried to take off, the regulator said in a letter to Zhang, which was published on its website.

    Zhang’s mistake led to the fatal incident, said the administration.

    It said it arrived at its conclusion based on interviews conducted during its investigation, digital audio and data records of the seaplane, and other evidence found on the crash scene.

    Five people, including the co-pilot, were killed when the seaplane crashed into the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway No. 7835 Bridge at 12:20pm as it was taking off from the sea near the beach.

    Five others onboard were injured, including Zhang, who needed surgery on his right leg.