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Yikon Genomics chief scientist elected as foreign academician of top Chinese academy

    The chief scientist of Yikon Genomics, an enterprise in Fengxian Biotech Park, has been elected as a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017.

    Professor Xie Xiaoliang has a wide span of knowledge in physical chemistry, chemistry and chemical biology. He has been tenured at Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard since 1999.

    It has been a goal of his to solve scientific problems with new technology. MALBAC, single cell gene detection method Xie developed, is able to detect a tumor cell's DNA with 93 percent of accuracy, while the common methods could only achieved 50-70 percent.

    The technology was later applied in reproduction and heredity to prevent hereditary diseases before the baby is born. In 2014, it successfully brought a healthy baby to the world.

    Professor Xie and his team then opened the use of MALBAC to more possibilities in precision medicine.

    Xie said that he wants his researches to benefit more people in the world.

    This year altogether 61 Chinese experts and 16 expats have been accepted by the academy.