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Luxury resort owner admits claim on trees was a tall story

    The owner of the Amanyangyun luxury hotel resort that will open in Minhang District admitted that it misled the public in claiming in its marketing that the resort was surrounded by a camphor forest filled with thousands of ancient trees.

    These trees were not recognized by the authorities as ancient or protected trees, said Shanghai Guyin Property Company, the resort’s owner.

    “The management company of the resort runs independently of the property owner, and it is difficult for foreigners to distinguish between common trees and ancient trees. We seek the public’s understanding regarding the small mistake,” said the company.

    Amanyangyun came under fire after saying on its website that the resort, scheduled to open in Maqiao Town next month, was surrounded by 1,150 ancient camphor trees transplanted from Fuzhou City in Jiangxi Province.

    The city’s environmental authorities said the term of “ancient tree” was only applicable to trees that were more than 100 years old, and most trees at the resort did not meet that criterion.

    “The term of ‘ancient tree’ cannot be used randomly, and the resort should be careful and honest in its marketing,” said forestry expert Zhang Xiuqin.

    The Shanghai Industry and Commerce Administration and the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau are investigating the matter.