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Again it's time to sign up for Near Year climbing of Sheshan Hill
    The sign-up for the annual New Year Climbing event at Sheshan Hill, Songjiang will start this week.
    This year, the organizer opens a new channel for those who wish to participate in the event. 
    Residents between eight to 65 years old can scan the QR code on the district tourism bureau official website or Sheshan National Tourist Resort official WeChat to accumulate the daily distance they walk every day and those who come into the top 4,000 will be qualified to join the hiking.  
    Another 1,000 slots will be available at the district tourism bureau website. 
    In previous years, the 5,000 openings were usually snapped up minutes after the registration process started. 
    Participants will gather and report at the gate of Happy Valley and depart for the top of Sheshan Hill from there. They can write down their New Year wishes at the destination.