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A 90-year-old garden villa has been converted into Shanghai Symphony Museum
    Shanghai Symphony Museum, newly converted from a 90-year-old private garden villa at No.3 Baoqing Road, has opened to the public recently.
    Despite the 5,000-square-meter mansion's inconspicuous looks from the outside, it actually has a massive garden, and the five mansions inside only occupy one third of the total ground area. In the back of the garden there are a dozen hundred-year-old big trees, and hedge and bush in the front yard feature a typical layout of a German style garden.
    The decoration of the mansions accentuates the old looks and the valuable exhibits of the museum, such as the first Steinway piano used in performance, the earliest playbill in China, and the vinyl album recorded by Shanghai Public Band.
    Since the mansion's floor load standard is only about 200 kilograms per square meter, so the museum has to limit the number of visitors to 50 people each time.
    The renovation of old buildings has to take into consideration modern days' needs, said Zhuo Gangfeng, executive-president of Historical Building Preservation and Design Institute affiliated to Arcplus Group. But he believed that the implantation of new functions into old buildings without compromising them is possible.
    Repurposing of the mansions also need to consider whether they could fit into the environment, and whether they will be well-received by the public, Zhuo added.