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City steps up entry-exit inspection and quarantine measures to prevent biological invasion
    Starting next year, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (SIQB) will collect, assess and submit to the city's public credit information service platform information about the acts of cross-border travelers who conceal, falsely declare, disguise or hide the items prohibited from entering the country. Also, those who repeatedly violate the law by breaking through the customs and avoiding inspection will also be reported.
    The newly released "Shanghai Port Travel and Mail Check Credit Information Collection and Management Methods (Trial)" designates five acts to be reported to the city’s credit system. They include carrying or mailing items prohibited from entering the country which is caught for more than twice within a year; intentionally concealing, falsely declaring or hiding items prohibited from entering; and resorting to violence or threats to avoid inspection and quarantine or obstructing the law enforcement activities of inspection and quarantine institutions. 
    Data shows more than 620 kinds of invasive species have caused economic losses of more than 200 billion yuan (US$30.21 billion) to China, and the entry and exit of trade and tourism-oriented travelers are among the main channels for biological invasion.