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Fengxian company to start mass production of efficient fuel batteries
    Shenli Hi-Tech Co Ltd, a fuel battery producer based in Fengxian, is about to start volume production after 10 years of research and development.
    The hydrogen fuel battery produced by the company can drive a car for about 500 kilometers and it takes only 10 minutes to be fully charged. The only emission of a fuel battery vehicle is water vapor with its engine noise cut down to nearly none. 
    Now research for the core part, the battery pile has been completed and the company is in the final trial stage of the battery engine. Mass production is set to begin in the first half of next year. 
    "We used to depend on imported products in the past, but now we have an independently developed product and the cost will greatly decreased," said Tu Ying, vice general manager of Shenli. 
    "We now have more than 100 employees, 60 percent of whom engaged in research," said Tu. "We are also turning from an experimental enterprise to a manufacturing one." 
    The batteries installed in a vehicle will be anti-collision and lightening-proof, and an alarming system is equipped to secure safe driving. 
    So far Shenli's new battery-driven buses are running for trial in Beijing and Guangdong and will be operating in Shanghai soon. 
    It is also building a fuel battery test center for public use and agreements have been signed with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China University of Science and Technology for joint research and development in the field.