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Shanghai No. 1 Department Store reopens after major renovations
    Shanghai No.1 Department Store, located in a historic building at the bustling intersection of Nanjing Road E. and Xizang Road M., staged a long-awaited comeback yesterday after major renovations.
    Now a new urban complex integrating shopping, catering, cultural activities and recreation, the department store comprises the original No.1 Department Store (now Pavilion A), No. 1 Shopping Mall (now Pavilion B) and the original Oriental Department Store Nandong outlet (now Pavilion C). The first two parts opened yesterday and Pavilion C is slated to debut in February 2018.
    The three pavilions are now connected with covered corridors.
    "Besides large-scale readjustment of brands and operative structures, the renovation has created a number of spaces for cultural activities," said Fan Liqun, general manager of the department store’s business center.
    The integration of the outstanding culture of Shanghai historic buildings and old alleys with commerce represents a step in the transformation of the traditional concept of commerce and will provide consumers a new experience in shopping, Fan added.
    Shanghai No. 1 Department Store grew out of The Da Sun Co Ltd, one of the four earliest department stores on Nanjing Road, with a history of 81 years.
    During the renovation, the most characteristic landscape of the department store -- the shop windows -- have been well preserved. Some distinguished painters were invited to create decoration paintings themed "the old memories" featuring some old Shanghai alley games such as spinning tops, rolling hoops, playing billiards and cat’s cradle, as well as old shop windows between 1950s and 1990s. 
    On the seventh floor of the business center, there opens a small museum for displaying collections related to Shanghai traditional culture from private museums. The first exhibition will be themed on "nostalgic life," showcasing old items like enameled cups, dark-red enameled pottery, old street nameplates, and posters of the period of the Republic of China. Most of the exhibits are provided by Guo Chunxiang, a private collector and curator of "Great Shanghai 1933" Museum.