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'Crested Ibises' to be staged at Lincoln Center in New York
    Altogether 200 performances of "Crested Ibises," an original dance drama created by Shanghai Dance Theater, have been staged in the past three years with a total audience of 300,000. After its recent show in Japan, it will then be performed at Lincoln Center in New York on January 1, 2018. 
    In 2014, "Crested Ibises" successfully premiered in Japan, where ibis is widely deemed as an auspicious bird. In 2015 and 2017, the dance drama came to Japan again, winning standing ovation for every one of its performances. 
    Now it's going to win the heart of Western audience. From January 1 to 14, the Shanghai theater will stage three performances of the drama at Lincoln Center in New York and two performances at Schubert Theatre in Boston. 
    "Crested Ibises" discusses relationship between human and nature and between human and animals. The universal theme of the dance drama has the power to transcend borders, said Feng Shuangbai, head of the Chinese Dancers Association.