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Fengxian summit focuses on development of AI industry
    The 2017 Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Summit was held in Fengxian last week, gathering small- and middle-sized enterprises in the district to discuss on AI's role in the local economic growth. 
    Experts, entrepreneurs and scholars spoke at the conference, offering opinions and suggestions on Fengxian's future industrial development. 
    Leading AI enterprise iFLYTEK briefed the summit on the development and application of AI technologies. SMEs can combine computing, perceptual and cognitive intelligence with industry big data, which has been working well in education, medicine and judicial areas, said its vice president Cheng Su.  
    Development of digitalized health products is the priority, suggested a director from Philips Company. A customized health product with online support would meet different consumers' and patients' needs. 
    More discussions involved detailed sections in the beauty and health industry at the conference.
    Deputy District Governor Gu Yi also attended the event.