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City travel service center dishes out more options for New Year's Day holidaymakers
    For 2018 New Year's Day holiday, 41 travel routes have been rolled out at the Shanghai Public Travel Service Center, with 18 one-day excursions, five two-day trips, two three-day travels and 16 options partnered with other agencies. 
    Traditionally, ringing out the old and ringing in the new year with blessings is an important part of the New Year's Day holiday for Chinese people. So, New Year blessing tours top the travel list for many holidaymakers, which will include one-day tour of Mountain Lingshan in Wuxi in neighboring Jiangsu Province. In addition, bathing in hot spring is another great choice in winter. Several routes are designed to cater to this demand. 
    Some new features are added to this year's options. Most new routes highlight ecological sceneries with ancient villages and old streets.