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5 staffers at Ctrip nursery arrested over child abuse

    The Changning District People’s Procuratorate yesterday announced the arrest of five staff members involved in a child abuse scandal at a local Ctrip daycare center.

    According to the Weibo posting of the procuratorate, prosecutors in Changning District have approved the arrest of the five suspects surnamed Zheng, Wu, Zhou, Tang and Shen for mistreating toddlers.

    The five, including the nursery executive, are now facing prosecution and trial.

    The daycare center, established by Ctrip, China’s leading online travel agency, last year for its employees’ children and run by a third-party agency, was rattled by a child abuse scandal following the release of a few video clips that were widely circulated online.

    One clip showed a female staffer wrenching a backpack from a small girl’s back and pushing her violently, which caused her head to hit the table, while another caught sight of a child crying after being forced fed something pungent, which his parents later claimed was spicy wasabi.

    The clips sparked outrage among parents and led to a public outcry.

    The center has been closed with three of the “incriminated” staffers detained by Shanghai police on November 9, followed by the detention of the head of the nursery on November 13.

    The district’s procuratorate has dispatched prosecutors specializing in child criminal cases to assist the police in the investigation, promising to safeguard the legal rights of the minors involved.