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Parks, tourist spots to have new toilets

    Tourism authorities will put up 100 new public toilets, mostly at tourist spots, suburban parks and along the 45-kilometer stretch by the Huangpu River.

    Xu Weiwan, director of the Shanghai Tourism Administration, said the parks and the riverfront were growing in popularity and attracting tourists, but there were not enough toilets. She also said that they will also request businesses, hotels and institutions to allow outsiders to use their toilets.

    There are also plans to put up more unisex public toilets at areas with busy traffic for the convenience of tourists. The unisex toilets will include separate spaces designed for people who need help while using them like parents with children, or adults accompanying seniors or disabled people.

    Lin Sumin, director of the public service department of the administration, said modern applications will be used to eliminate stink at these toilets.