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Better 2018 for Chinese equities

    Chinese offshore stocks and A-shares are both expected to perform well in 2018, according to Robeco, an international asset manager.

    The company revised the profit forecast for A-share investors higher to 22.4 percent for 2017 and 15.1 percent for 2018.

    “Chinese macroeconomic forces are improving comprehensively, with infrastructure investment and the Belt and Road Initiative stimulating demand, and supply-side reform and the reform of state-owned enterprises further boost the consolidation of industries,” Lu Jie, head of research at Robeco China, said.

    Foreign investors are also participating further in the Chinese market as the investment quotas of Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor and Renminbi QFII have been raised, while the Bond Connect scheme will accelerate market access, the firm pointed out.

    Share prices of Chinese companies listed overseas are also slated to rise, with the earnings per share expected to climb 22 percent for this year and 14 percent for 2018, Robeco said.