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Shanghai mayor vows to improve market supervision in the city

    Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong inspected the citys market supervision work on Wednesday.

    Ying pointed out that market supervision is an important governmental function, and it should be carried out in accordance with the CPC Central Committee and President Xi Jinpings direction made at the 19th CPC National Congress.

    Market supervision should be oriented to peoples livelihood, and also it needs to optimize Shanghais business environment, stimulate market needs, and support Shanghais aim to become the leading force of innovation and reforms, Ying said.

    Ying and Vice Mayor Xu Kunlin inspected the Market Supervision Grid Center, which collects and analyzes markets data to better allocate law-enforcing resources. Ying and Xu oversaw the food safety inspection process. On mobile phone the law enforcers can carry out real-time inspection of more than 500 food and beverage enterprises in Shanghai.

    Ying said not only the big food companies need to be supervised, small restaurants should be overseen too. The consumers rights should be deemed as the first and foremost, and the process of company registration should be further facilitated and simplified. Credit system management should be strengthened, and the transaction cost caused by institutional procedures should be reduced.

    Ying also pointed out that in balancing market supervision and governmental intervention, market should play the deciding role and also governments function should be improved. Strictest rules should be applied when it comes food and medical industries.

    Violation of food safety laws and regulations will be punished and fair market competition should be upheld. New technologies will be further applied to market supervision, a scientific and efficient supervision should be built, and a good market environment will be created, Ying said.