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City selects 106 finalists for 2017 Shanghai Leading Talents Program
    A total of 106 high-level professionals have recently been selected as finalists for 2017 Shanghai Leading Talents Program. The city will invest 41 million yuan (US$6.2 million) to assist the finalists' training and development and their employers as well as organizations and districts involved will also provide supporting fund.  
    This year's selection focused more on professionals in the fields of technology innovation and entrepreneurship. People who master core technology and work in technology application field are strongly recommended by authorities concerned. More than 75 percent of the finalists work in strategic emerging industries and high-tech industrialization. Meanwhile, 42 finalists come from high-level business managerial background.  
    Since 2006, 1,398 professionals have been selected into the Leading Talents Program with municipal financial input of about 350 million yuan. Authorities will make a 3-5-year plan for nurturing the talents, which covers academic goals, work target, goals for teamwork, staffing, equipment support and expenditure use.