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Local school teachers learn from their colleagues in international schools
    Shanghai has introduced an on-the-job training program in international schools for 33 teachers from 11 local kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.
    Zhou Yanxin, a teacher from Xinsong Primary School in Minhang District, saw an expatriate teacher at Dulwich College Shanghai Ducks shake hands with every kid before a second-graders' science class. At first, Zhou thought that's the school's etiquette. Then she found some students' hands got paint on them after the handshaking. It suddenly dawned on Zhou that it's part of the class.
    The topic of the science class was Why We Need to Wash Our Hands? In order to let the kids know how bacteria spread, like the paint, from one to another, the teacher purposely shook her paint-stained hands with the students. In the mathematics class, the kids were taught numbers within 100 and all sorts of shapes' patterns; and in the arts class, the kids were encouraged to create their own Van Gogh style paintings, to let them discover the patterns and find question for themselves.
    Gao Ping, principle of Shanghai Fengxian Xidu School, was impressed by the 30-hour hunger challenge in an American international school, in which all the kids were met with a challenge to not eat anything for 30 hours, and to sleep on the ground in the school's gymnasium with only a blanket. The challenge was to raise awareness among the kids that they should cherish life, protect the environment, and care for the unprivileged. 
    The research team of Experimental Kindergarten in Qingpu District learnt in Shanghai New Hongqiao High School that the kids would play in the massive sand pit there even in rainy days, as a challenge for their athletic ability. When the sand becomes muddy, the kids' self-protection awareness is slowly formed in dealing with difficult circumstances.
    Letting the kids return to the nature might be the secret to the constant increase of their athletic abilities, said Jin Xingfang, vice principle of the Experimental Kindergarten in Qingpu District. Nowadays Chinese parents are over-protective of their children and they are afraid the rain might harm them. 
    Through weeks of research and study, the local schools and the international schools have formed long-term partnership to learn from each other's teaching and management system.