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New gene diagnosis center in the city to further improve cancer treatment

    The Tumor Gene Diagnosis Center of Gene Health Board of Specialists affiliated to Shanghai Association for Technology & Health, was established last Saturday to promote tailored treatment of cancer precision medicine.

    With the advancement of molecular medical treatment, more and more oncogenes have been discovered. Early treatment and prevention solutions have been made possible by tailored genetic tests to maximize the chances of treating and preventing malignant tumor, as well as reducing the side effects of medicine, or misuse of anticarcinogens.

    The effective rate of conventional chemotherapy is 30 to 40 percent, whereas it's predicted that the effective rate of tailored treatments based on genetic tests will reach 80 percent.

    The diagnosis center will be working with foreign experts to raise awareness on tumors, and carry out genetic diagnosis of chemotherapy medicine, and cancer targeted drugs on cancer patients and tumor susceptible population.