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Illegal trash dumping on road sees 6 sent to jail

    Six men who illegally dumped construction waste on a roadside greenbelt and destroyed the road have been sentenced to jail by the Pudong New Area People’s Court.

    The leader, surnamed Ding, 45, was contracted to deal with construction waste on the site at 1888 Puming Road in November last year.

    To save costs, he and his team, instead of carting the waste to the designated dumping site, recklessly poured it near the intersection of Yanggao Road M. and Taolin Road, some 5 kilometers away, the court said. They then fled the scene.

    The waste was so heavy that it destroyed a 250-square-meter pedestrian street, causing economic losses of more than 62,000 yuan (US$9,389).

    Ding was caught in January; the others by May. They were convicted of destroying public property. Since they admitted their guilt, they received lighter sentences, from 1 year, 3 months to 3 years with reprieves.